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SICO has manufactured portable staging and staging accessories for over 60 years worldwide. Locally, SICO South Pacific has supplied hotels, clubs, schools, universities, theatres, major performance venues and many other facilities throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific for over 25 years.

Professional Advice and Proven Products - SICO's extensive knowledge of quality made, safe and easy to operate staging will give you and your staff piece of mind when investing in new staging for your venue.

Looking to hire staging? Our range is for purchase only, we recommend contacting your local event hire company for hire pricing.  

Mobile Folding Stage Risers 

Roll N Set Stage

Tri Height Stage X Press
1800 Series Staging Tri-Height Staging X-Press Staging
A all in one mobile folding
single or dual height stage system
made for meeting spaces.
A all in one mobile folding
Three height stage system ( up to 90cm )
made for performance spaces.
A folding leg and deck stage system
for easy transport from venue to venue.

Need expert advice?

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Major Performance Staging

Fold N Set VT Stage Roll N Set
Fold N Set Staging VT Staging Roll & Set Staging
Large performance folding understructure
and deck top stage for professional performance spaces.
Veritable terrain outdoor frame and deck staging solutions for sloping ground. Major performance rolling stage units for
arena's, stadiums & convention spaces.

SICO Stage Drapes & Steps
  1. Steps with & without guardrails ( 1800 Series )
  2. Articulating Steps
    ( Tri-Heights, X-Press Fold N Set, Roll N Set )
  3. Stage Drapes
  4. Stage Backdrop Drapes
SICO Stage Guardrails & Safety Items
  1. Guardrails
  2. Guardrail covers
  3. Chair & Table Stops
Related Products
  1. Choral Risers
  2. Crowed Control Barriers
  3. Wheelchair Ramp Packages
  4. Stage transport trolleys ( Fold N Set & X-Press )

Other Staging Services

  1. FREE Cad Drawing Service
  2. Service Advantage
    Spare parts & maintenance advice

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